Are you looking for a unique and unforgettable experience for your son or daughter that breaks the monotony and turns on their imagination? Since 2016, our passion has been creating enigmatic alternate reality games that immerse youngsters into a world of mystery, excitement and adventure, with real characters acting as if they were It was about a movie. Our commitment is to listen and offer a celebration where the birthday boy and his guests are the protagonists of a story full of intrigue and adrenaline. Dare you allow them into this exciting universe, and experience an adventure they will never forget?
Let’s play something! Think fast… Of all your birthdays, which ones reside in the depths of your memory? We are convinced that those who remain in your memory are those who were full of fun, laughter and a special connection with your loved ones. Without a doubt, it is those birthdays loaded with intense emotions and mysterious adventures that remain indelibly engraved in the hearts of all. Are you willing to give your son or daughter an experience that lasts over time and becomes a treasure? priceless in your memory?

What are we talking about?

Our actors will give them a mission and in a while limited, together they must solve the mystery behind this challenge.

How can you do it?

The first thing you will do is choose between…

Play through the best streets of Casco Viejo

We include 2 pizzas per participating team1
Or we go where you tell us2

Then you decide the mission and that’s it!

Now, a surprise for you… Keep scrolling down the page!

Your little one plays for free!3
Package from 10 children to only $290 + itbms Additional children at $24.99 per person + itbms
You will discuss logistical details and answers to all your questions directly with us through of a WhatsApp or a mini informative call. We know that doubts always arise and this is the way perfect that you feel that you handle all the information.

1 In the street or portable version, we will coordinate the delivery of the pizzas to the place of your choice.
2 The price includes the entire metropolitan area. Other areas will have an additional cost.
3 We have alliances with restaurants or bars of which we will give you the available options in our mini informative call/chat.

The Last Hope

Chaos, famine, despair and zombies plague humanity. The only remaining chance to salvage what little we have left lies [read more] deep within a complex security system. With the help of your team, you must manage to send the missing compound to a scientist before it is too late.

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The Oscar Barrett Case

The world is in shock after tycoon Oscar Barrett has been found dead in his mansion. The Manchester police have requested the cooperation of your investigative unit to close the case [read more] and that his heirs can share the 3rd largest fortune on the planet. What the police and the Barrett family don’t know is that Oscar has left something for you and your arrival to discover the murderer was not random.

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Casco's Secret Route

Due to its geographical position, Panama is the only place on this earth that has 7 portals that connect the past, present and future maintaining the delicate global balance of the history. They can only be manipulated by very few people in the world and You’re one of them. In a mysterious way the balance has been lost and there are only 60 minutes to avoid the great collective madness: where your mother will not be your mother and your friends will no longer they will be your friends
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