Looking for an unforgettable experience?

Have you ever felt the desire to delve into the dark and enigmatic world of your favorite movie? Tea we present the Escape Game, a challenge that plunges into an alternate reality, plagued by mysteries and secrets to discover. you and your team guided by cunning and intuition, they must unravel the enigma of a special mission in a time limit as little as 60 minutes. In this adventure you will not be alone; professional actors, intense emotions and a dose of adrenaline will be your travel companions. Choose the environment and theme be seduced, immerse yourself in a labyrinth of unknowns and face an unforgettable experience that will test your limits and your ingenuity. Tea dare to enter this mysterious universe and unravel its secrets?

years of experience

Immerse yourself in an enigmatic mystery game, where clues are scattered and hidden among the winding alleys and enigmatic squares of the beautiful old Casco Viejo area.

120 minutes

Groups from 12 people

$540 + itbms
$24.99 additional person + itbms

Mission Available: