The Last Hope

Chaos, famine, despair and zombies plague humanity. The only remaining chance to salvage what little we have left lies [read more] deep within a complex security system. With the help of your team, you must manage to send the missing compound to a scientist before it is too late.

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The Oscar Barrett Case

The world is in shock after tycoon Oscar Barrett has been found dead in his mansion. The Manchester police have requested the cooperation of your investigative unit to close the case [read more] and that his heirs can share the 3rd largest fortune on the planet. What the police and the Barrett family don’t know is that Oscar has left something for you and your arrival to discover the murderer was not random.

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Casco's Secret Route

Due to its geographical position, Panama is the only place on this earth that has 7 portals that connect the past, present and future maintaining the delicate global balance of the history. They can only be manipulated by very few people in the world and You’re one of them. In a mysterious way the balance has been lost and there are only 60 minutes to avoid the great collective madness: where your mother will not be your mother and your friends will no longer they will be your friends
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